XXI Guggemusik Festivale Trieste 2014

Guggemusik is marching bands in costume from all over Europe that play pop music from the 70’s and 80’s adapted of course for marching bands. It was an overcast but pleasantly springlike (for a Canadian used to -25 in February) day and thousands lined the narrow streets. in the Italian way, a policeman on motorcycle came by first to let people know to stand back but as soon as he passed by everybody as one moved closer to the centre of the street. Children were dressed up, lots as little animals, and they threw confetti and streamers at the passing bands. The lucky ones would get a candy from one of the parade participants. The parade ended up in Piazza del’Unita with the mayor present to award prizes. The narrow streets, lined with palazzi d’epoca, the drums, the trumpets, and costumes all made it even more like stepping back in time. Then of course off to the “bar” for an aperitvo standing at the open counter – gingerino for the ladies and a glass of white wine for the gentlemen with a little bowl of chips.

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