Plomin – Fianona

March 16, 2014

The starting point of this particular trail to Sisol is Plomin where there is a lookout that has an incredible view the canal of a fjord on the Adriatic.   Last May, I was fortunate enough to go to another lookout that actually was on the top of the fjord and the walk to Sisol was described to me.  I could hardly believe that here I was actually going on this walk.  The view is beyond stunning, mountains, adriatic, fjords, islands even though there was a heavy smog all along the coast.  In Trieste in fact, most of the city centre was closed to car traffic for three days in an effort to reduce the particulates in the air.

After the caminatta (next blog will describe the caminatta) we walked around the medieval village of Plomin or Fianona in Italian.  We walked through what would have been one of the city gates, down a curving narrow street to the church right at the crest of the town.  The view  extends to the whole valley below.  Although we were in Croatia, a lady who saw us walking by spoke to us in Italian and offered to open the church for us.  The walls had been whitewashed many times over the centuries but now there are parts of the walls that have been ‘peeled’ back and you can see a bit of the frescoes that would have been there. The church (of St George) is very rustic and has exposed wooden ceiling  beams.  Some of the floor had been ‘peeled’ back as well and you could see part of the original stone cuttings.  There were also two wooden cabinets that held wooden carvings that would have been part of the original alter.

The day ended with gnocchi or fusi with wild boar ragout (cingiale), and grilled meats, sauerkraut (kaputsi, kupus in Croation), potatotes and some frittolle!




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