Skocjanski Zatok – Nature Reserve Koper

Skocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve

April 23, 2014

This is small oasis of nature surrounded by the road leading to the port and the container yards. It is a brackish wetland that has a walking trail that circles around the edge of the reserve.  Along the way are tall wooden walls with openings in them at all levels so that you can observe the wildlife.  The bull rushes are already about 6 feet tall and they rustle softly as the wind blows through them.  The path is actually alongside a tall birm-dyke so that you cannot actually see the water until you get to one of the viewing areas and so that the bids cannot see you!

The first siting is a beautiful white swan.  As we watch the swan dipping her? his? elegant head into the water we see two other swans at the other side of the wetland.  This  is a home  for many migratory bird species.  Today we see herons, cranes, ibises, mallards, a small family of black duck like birds.  Because you are behind the birm you can actually hear far more bird calls than the number of birds that we actually can see.  Near the end of the walk there is a small pasture with  the Boscarin a breed of Istrian ox– these oxen were used for centuries as farm animals to till that stoney carsic soil.  Efforts are now  being made to preserve the breed for historical reasons.   The late afternoon sun is nice and warm and makes the water sparkle – a nice stroll through a unique wetland to end the daytrip which as always was full of unexpected and pleasant surprises.




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