Carnevale Sweets

Carnevale Dolci

In Trieste there are traditional sweets for the Carnevale.  Crostoli  are strips of pastry dough flavored with different type of grappa, wine, depending on the person making them. The pastry is deep fried to a golden bown and then sprinkelled with icing sugar. Crostoli are crisp but not sweet. Fritole are round yeast dough balls usually flavored with grappa and usually have some raisins in the dough. They are sweet and soft. To make them even more decadent – some pasticerias fill the centres with nutella or cream. Then there are krapfen which are flat and round and filled with crema.

Then there are sweet yeast breads.  Titole are a sweet yeast bread that is braided around colored easter eggs. These are supposed to bring good luck.  Putiza is a rolled sweet bread wrapped around a filling of grappa soaked nuts and raisins.  Presniz is yet another delicious nut filled bread made in the shape of a coil.

Having sampled them all I can say that all are my favorites!

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