Cuneesi Chocolates Sant’ Antonio

Chocolates Piazza Sant’ Antonio

March 7th, 2014

Just two days after the  Carnevale parade, in front of Sant’ Antonio (Church), there a couple of dozen or so white tents set up with all kinds of sweets and chocolates.  You stroll from kiosk to kiosk and are offered up tastings of the distinctive chocolates and sweets.   I taste chocolate covered cranberries from America, tartness with fine chocolate, some almondy marzipan, and then Cuneesi.

Unbelievable after all the carnevale fritolle, krapfen and crostolle that I have eaten, I fall to the temptation of chocolates. It was not easy to decide but I end up with a bag full of Cuneesi – cherry, lemon, rum, marnier filled dark chocolates!

Cuneesi al Rhum are the traditional chocolates of Cuneo Province in Piedmont, Italy. Cuneesi (pronounced coon-AY-zee) are small meringues that have a rich, dark chocolate coating and a rum-flavored creme filling.


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