Viale in Fiori

Trieste, Viale in Fiori

March 17th, 2014

A fountain with an aluminum sculpture shaped like a theatrical mask marks the beginning of the Viale XX Settembre.   It is a plane tree lined street that at one time was the place to go for a passegiata. One of the oldest pedestrian streets, it was donated to the city in 1808.

Always filled with people at all times of the day enjoying a coffee, gelato, aperitivo. People still refer to it is the Aquedoto because an aqueduct built during the time of Maria Theresa (in 1749) used to run under the pavement. It brought fresh water to the city until 1918.

Spring has come early to Trieste this year.   For me it is a bit disorienting because it is still very cold in Ottawa and I expect snow and freezing weather, not a street filled with plants to start the gardening season.

At the entrance to the Viale and surrounded by a flower filled cart are two horse sculptures that were part of the Carnevale in Muggia. In the Muggia parade they were fierce and snorting and part of the Four Horses of the Apocolypse. Here they are enjoying the spring sunshine and flowers!

There are kiosks set up displaying a profusion of plants such as geraniums, petunias, impatiens, herbs, tulip, hyacinth, snowdrops (buca neve) etc bulbs, shrubs and all types of fruit trees. There are also many more types of plants and shrubs that we do not find in the Canadian garden – ginestre, pomegrante trees, lemon trees, edelweiss, prayer plants, calle lilies…

I walked the Viale several times over the 10 days of the flower show. It felt so freeing to be outside without the need to wear parka, boots and gloves. Surrounded by all this color, the scents and the people I think it was the point in time where I finally believed that yes I am in Trieste. And yes it is springtime!


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