Rainy Day Drive to San Vigilio di Marebbe

Rainy Drive to San Vigilio di Marebbe

Monday July 21, 2014

After three perfect summer days, Monday is quite rainy, so we head out for a drive. But as everyone else is also here to be out in the mountains they also have to put their outdoor plans on hold. There is a lot of traffic on the narrow switchback roads. Again I am amazed at how, when the driver knows exactly how to take these hairpin curves, the passenger is not rocked about at all, and is able to sit there relaxed and enjoy the stunning scenery!

The countryside here is much more rugged feeling. Tall pine forests, mountain streams, meadows but fewer of them.

Lumber is a traditional part of the economy here. We pass lumber mills, a place that makes the wooden shingles that are on all the rooves and sides of the houses, makers of the traditional painted wood furniture.

If possible the little towns look even more Tyrolean than in Alta Badia. Multi leveled hotels with long flower bedecked balconies and decorated with painted scroll work around the windows, pastel colored onion domed churches, Konditorei, even the building that houses a grocery store is overflowing with flower baskets.

And of course lots of stores geared to outdoor sports and the people walking about are wearing all those major sporting labels. Hiking boots, hiking shorts, back packs and hiking poles are the dress code  here.

We stop for a coffee in San Vigilio with the hotel balconies overflowing with flowers and with a pastel colored church. The wooden planters in the small piazza outside the church are multi seasonal – multicolored with purple and pink petunias, red geraniums, tall fuschia cosmos  for these two summer months but they also are combined with a coniferous shrub for the winter months.

Back on the road but the traffic is not moving at all probably a line-up of several kilometers at the upcoming intersection so after a few minutes stopped we decide to turn around and head back to Corvara.

Back in Corvara and lunch at Oscar’s – I have a delicious crusty polenta with mushrooms and a sausage. As usual I eat as if it is the last meal I will have and enjoy every morsel plus a taste of knedels and venison stew. Knedels are balls of speck, parsley, bread and eggs that are cooked in boiling water. All very delicious but also very heavy and coupled with the pouring rain I need and enjoy a nice nap in the late afternoon!


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