Mountain Homes Tarvisio

Mountain Homes Tarvisio

August 10, 2014

Friends have a home in the mountains just outside of Tarvisio. We head there after the walk to Cima Cacciatori.

We drive through Tarvisio, cross a bridge over a clear blue-green stream and head up a one-lane road. We are winding our way up through pine forests. I cannot even imagine driving this road in the winter with the tremendous amount of snow that fell in this area last winter. However for the people who live up in the little hamlet it is a regular part of life.

The hamlet is surrounded by green meadows and has the most marvelous view of the mountains.

Many of the houses are a couple of centuries old. Our friend’s house is 100 years old. Any changes to the house have to adhere to strict rules on maintaining the historical integrity. As such any changes take a considerable amount of time to get approval, let alone the time it takes to apply the rules to the design and the actual renovations.

This house, as most of the others, originally had an upper level where hay was stored and that level was accessed by a ramp with wide doors. The original design called for the removal of this ramp which no longer served any purpose. This was done and then subsequently the plans were re-reviewed and the ramp had to be put back. You can imagine that this was no easy task from the architectural perspective let alone from the financial perspective to have to start the work again. A lot of the work was done by the homeowners themselves – the wood cladding, the wooden roof, the interior design that is warm and welcoming.

Some of the traditional lifestyle is still maintained. One family raises rabbits, another has sheep and cows, and there is the traditional yearly blessing of the homes. This Sunday was actual their day for this event. There was some tiramisu left from the communal lunch which we thoroughly enjoyed – light and creamy and delicious!



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