La Vita Triestina Passeggiata a Barcola

Passeggiata a Barcola

November 19, 2014

After almost three weeks of grey, rainy days with the sirocco wind bringing unseasonably warm and humid weather up from Africa, today the day in Trieste dawned bright and sunny.

Yesterday in Ottawa it snowed, over 10cm, and last night I was obsessed with checking out the traffic webcams and the webcam on Parliament Hill. Seeing the blowing snow and low visibility, cars crawling along on the slippery roads, snow on the ground sent me into a bit of a tailspin. In Trieste it was 17C, and humidex I am sure, though the weather forecasts do not provide the humidex temperature.  This morning the temperature was closer to normal for this time of year about 11C.

We had planned to go on a caminatta to get back into shape for the Sunday treks but the surrounding country side is just soaked and the trails would have been too muddy. So we opted for an urban walk – to Barcola for a passeggiata lungo mare. What a fabulous day. There was hardly a cloud in the sky. The sun was warm enough that the Barcola regulars – they are known as sariandoli – salamanders – were out in their bathing suits and soaking up the last rays of fall sun. I on the other hand, had my Ottawa psyche on and could not let go of seeing the snow in Ottawa and so wore my winter coat.

After a bit, I was able to let go of the I must be cold feeling – because it is November, cold and snowing in Ottawa – and took my coat off. It was 17C.

At first I thought that this would be a banal topic for a blog and then I realized that it is not at all banal but very much a raison d’etre topic.

This is one of the reasons that I am in Trieste today and am very happy to be here. It is November.   This morning I very much enjoyed, as always, my stroll to the citta for a caffe and brioche. No need to shovel snow, no need to scrape the frost off the windshield, no hat, no heavy boots, no gloves. Just a perfect fall day to be out and about with all the other people that are out and about.

This afternoon, a short 10 minute Vespa ride, and we were  walking, enjoying the sea air, the warmth of the sun, being out there with all the other people enjoying this beautiful day.

We walked for over two hours happy to be able to enjoy this splendid day. Behind Miramar you could see the snow capped mountains. There were sailboats out on the Gulf of Trieste. You could see all the way to Lignano and on the other side of the gulf you could see the church spire of Piran.

And to end the day a glorious red sunset – rosso di serra bel tempo si spera!



One thought on “La Vita Triestina Passeggiata a Barcola

  1. Reading your thoughts and your elegant description, and looking at the gorgeous pictures, make me think of the poor fellows -your family and friends- back in Ottawa….under heavy snowstorms, and in freezing temperatures.
    Do you think that’s fair?!…unless, of course, you’re being paid by FVG Region to promote local tourism!
    Very nice job, as usual!
    (only one minor suggestion…just try to keep the horizon level, please!)
    All the best, Ed

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