The Tuscan Countryside – Arezzo and Cortona

January 1st, 2015

We are driving back to Trieste through Arezzo and towards Firenze.

Perhaps because it is cold and wintery outside we see more clearly the great contradiction that is Italy. All this natural and historic beauty is part of  what I can only describe as a chaotic lack of urban planning.



Above sitting picturesquely on a hilltop you admire a medieval castle. But in the same sightline below it is a jumble of low- rise apartment buildings, supermarkets and used car lots that you try and ignore.   Around the next bend is a pastoral scene of vineyards and olive trees that again merge into this commercial clutter of billboards and road signs.


Yet we are in Tuscany with that incredible light and even late this winter day the colors of the country side are breathtaking.




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