A Working Day in Venice

A Working Day in Venice

March 10, 2015

A beautiful sunny day in Venice in March.    For Venice it was a tranquil day with tourists reduced to a trickle I would say – there was no line up to get into the Basilica San Marco and I found  a spot to sit by the bobbing gondolas and take in the glory of Piazza San Marco without the mob scene.  I sat and soaked in the sun, the glitter and gold of the mosaics, il campanile and the lion  perfectly framed in the cloudless blue sky.

Then I took the traghetto back along the Canale Grande, sat at the very front all by myself, and just let myself be awestruck by the beauty and color of the palazzos.

By now I was pretty pleased with myself that I was able to find my way to the Chiesa Santa Lucia, Rialto, Piazza San Marco and back to the train station.   Since I had some time before my train I decided to just wander.

I turned left off the “classic” path and crossed a bridge and walked canal side.  I said to myself – all you have to do is turn around and cross this bridge and you are back on the way to the train station.

I walked along a canal in the Canaregio area.  It was definitely not following a tourist schedule – horario continuo – as the stores were closed for the traditional lunch break.   A boy was crossing the bridge with his school books,  I could hear the voices of children playing in a school yard.  Delivery boats were plying the canal with huge panels of glass,  washing machines,  tools, vegetables.

This sunny and dry day – the bora was blowing in Trieste – it was perfect for weather for doing the laundry.

I walked right to the end of the small canal where it emptied into a larger body of water and then headed back.  I still had time so I stopped to have a glass of Prosecco seated at a small round table and overlooking the boats moored in the canal.  The sun and just being able to sit peacefully canal side made me  want to stay all day but I had to head back to the train station.  With all the gawking and picture taking I walked right past that bridge that would take me back to the train station.  I realized that I had missed the bridge because I did not recognise the buildings anymore and not only did I not recognise the buildings but I could not remember what the bridge looked like.

Luckily an older gentlemen noticed that I seemed a bit confused and asked if he could help.  He explained which bridge I need to cross and all is good – I found the bridge and made it back to the train station.

I saw another side of Venice today and it  made me think of Rovigno – without the canals of course – but with that same feeling that people live here, that life continues, that people  have carried on everyday life here for centuries…..

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