Yurts at Lac Taylor

Lac Taylor, Gatineau Park

May 14, 2015

We had another splendid spring day for the walk to Lac Taylor, a camping area in the Gatineau Park.   The camping season opened the next day.  This is the Victoria Day (long) week-end and in central Canada it is seen as the start of summer.

The trail starts out along a wide cross-country ski trail through a mixed forest of poplars and birches. The leaves were just barely out and were that bright “spring” green. There was the light distinctive fresh scent of the budding poplars in the air. We were walking through an alley of the tall trees and all along side the trail were white trilliums. It felt like we were walking up a driveway leading up to a large country estate.

Then the trail narrowed and we were in a coniferous forest.   The trail was in a low-lying area with stone outcroppings on both sides. The ground was far moister with some small streams alongside the trail. We saw a warning “Danger” sign and the trail went straight up a small rocky knoll. Then it turned sharply and on one side there was a small marsh created by a beaver dam. Of course there was no danger for walkers. The sign was for cross country skiers to point out the sharp turn.

Through the trees we caught a glimpse of water ahead – a pleasant 1.5 hours to get to Lac Taylor.   The camping spots are nestled out of view among the tall coniferous trees all around the lake. We saw a large blue heron gliding across the lake. Two Canada Geese were feeding on the shore. A chipmunk stirred up the dry leaves as it searched around for food.

There are also two yurts. We peeked in side the doors and I was amazed at how well equipped they were. There were two sets of bunk beds, a food prep area, a wood burning stove, a propane cook-top, and a fridge that was twice the size of the fridge in my apartment on Via Ressman!   Both yurts were nice and bright inside and had a large skylights that could be opened up.

We had lunch enjoying the view across the glistening blue lake.

In order to do a loop we walked back along the gravel maintenance road. The road goes by a small pond which is a nesting area for red-winged black birds and turtles. There is a wooden bench beside the pond. We sat there listening to the distinctive call of the black birds and watched as they landed and swayed back and forth on tips of the cattails.  A peaceful and relaxing end to the walk.





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