North of 60, Haines Highway to Alaska

Haines Highway to Alaska June 6th, 2015 I am repeating myself but once again the drive from Haines Junction, Yukon  to Haines, Alaska has some  stunningly beautiful landscapes. But it also has an incredible diversity of landscapes.   The boreal landscape has ice clear rivers, turquoise lakes and forests ranging from the dark green of the spruce to the soft green of the willows and aspens.  Then you climb into  the sub alpine brown and barren, still trying to shed itself of the winter snow with cold icy winds  blowing.  All of a sudden you are descending into the lush green rain forests of the Pacific coast.  And all of this in about a 200 km distance. P1170625           Sign outside of Haines Junction.           Klukshu – This was a traditional salmon fishing village but for reasons unknown the stocks of salmon in the river have disappeared. P1170721             This is Million Dollars Falls. There is a nice campground here and a series of stairs that take you above the falls. Million Dollar Falls               P1170742             Not only was the landscape diverse, we went from the Yukon to northern British Columbia to Alaska. P1170727           P1170758           Tatshenshini Alsek Park is part of the UESCO World Heritage sight along with Kluane National Park and Ellis – St Elias in Alaska. P1170759           Stunning views of the Tatshenini Alsek Park P1170766             P1170765             IMG_6644           Getting a closer look of the mountains.   P1170773               P1170792             P1170751           The sub-alpine approaching the summit – highest point of the Haines Highway.  It was June 6th but there were still streaks of snow on the ground and an icy wind was blowing.   P1170800             P1170789           The landscape was dotted with “pots” of water and streams from the snow melt on the mountains. P1170799             P1170808           P1170801           We hit a patch of heavy rain with a few ice pellets mixed in. IMG_6704             The road climbs steadily to 1070 meters – the summit of the Haines Highway IMG_6700             P1170807             Then we headed down and into the rainforest of the Pacific northwest of Alaska. P1170814           P1170826           P1170830   The forests were a lush green with much taller pine forests than the boreal forest of the Yukon.       Happy family of swans! P1170848             Chilkat River Alaska – traditional salmon fishing. P1170868           IMG_6720       IMG_6722           Traditional salmon “trap”. P1170874

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