Trieste Decked out for Christmas

December 22, 2015

It is the month of December and from Piazza della Borsa to Piazza San Antonio the streets are lined with the bancarelle for the Mercatino di Natale.  From British beer, to American cheesecake,  to panettone for man’s best friend, to cheeses from Puglia, to speck from the Alto Adige, to canoli  from Sicily, to presnize  from Trieste’s own Eppinger, to handcrafted elf houses from Lithuania;  I have spent many hours this month perusing the stands and enjoying the holiday spirit.

The streets are full of people during the day and literally overflowing with people after about 7 in the evening.  There is some form of entertainment in every piazza.  Piazza della Borsa hosts a skating rink with American Christmas pop music blaring and ragazzi taking in the novelty of skating outdoors.  With the warm December temperatures this year the ice is a bit soft but the rink is still crowded all day long.  Piazza Unita has a light and sound show starting at nightfall with Trieste as its theme: the gru Ursus lifts up 4 story high gift boxes and lays them perfectly across the facade of the Commune, the tram di Opicina dutifully delivers the gift boxes, the bora winds sweep in and cover the commune with a layer of crystally ice.   Piazza Unita also has the traditional Christmas tree with its Presepio.   A busker  twirls and swirls rods of fire in Piazza Unita.  The star shaped lights twinkle in their own reflection in Ponte Rosso.

Happy Holidays to all.

Some of my favourite images of Trieste all decked out for Christmas.


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