La Bavisela The Miramar Family – Una Bellissima Festa

The weather had been “variabile”, all week changing constantly and unpredictably from sunny skies to rain showers. We woke up early Sunday morning to overcast skies. Taking the bus downtown we saw lots of people wearing the red Miramar Family t-shirts. By 8:00 o’clock when we arrived at “Piazza Liberta” in front of the “Stazione Centrale” the day was brighter with a brisk breeze blowing. It was quite fitting since La Bavisela translates loosely to a “breeze”.

The Miramar Family is part of the Trieste Running Festival.  The Festival  includes the Marathon runs and in 2017 there were just over 8000 participants in the Running Festival. Of these, the Miramar Family had 5904 people registered an amazing two-thirds of the participants. The Half Marathon and the Family Run were all starting at Castello Miramar. We went from the Stazione to the start about 5 km away by shuttle bus – crammed in like in a Tokyo subway!   The shuttle buses started running at 7:30 and the last bus left at nine o’clock. You can imagine what a logistical challenge it was to get all the participants to Miramare within that 90 minute window. And it all worked, there was a real team spirit on the bus, and our group all managed to get onto the same bus.  

The Half Marathon start gun went off at 10:10 a.m. and five minutes later the Miramar Family was out of the start gate. It was a river of red t-shirts and floating green balloons. By then we were bathed in warm sunlight.  It truly is an inclusive event – from babies, to toddlers, to five-year olds trying out their roller blading skills, to “nonna’s and nonno’s”, and for all mobility levels.  All were out enjoying the “festa” atmosphere of the beautiful May day together.

The 8 kms just flew by. The walk “lungomare” in Barcola with the azure waters of the Golfo was splendid. Then the course went into the Porto Vecchio with all its historic, abandoned buildings.  We had reached the 5 km mark and were happy to partake of the offering of water and cookies.  A band was playing, people were singing, children and dogs were racing about – really fun, festive camaraderie.  

Then we arrived at Piazza Unita headed up by a marching band.  There were people lined up applauding us as we came to the finish line making us proud of what we had accomplished together.

Kudos to the staff and management of the Ieralla.  Complimenti al personale e la gestione della Casa Ieralla.




2 thoughts on “La Bavisela The Miramar Family – Una Bellissima Festa

  1. Great reporting, beautiful pictures. Nice to see you all there with the imposing Capogita. Thank you!

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