“Canadian” a l’italiano

What do you think of when you see the label “Made in Italy”?  The branding has world-wide recognition and for most people I think it means high design, quality craftsmanship, and Italian style.

Last night we were out and about in citta for the evening passeggiata.  We stopped to make a purchase and  the salesperson asked us where we were from.  “Siamo canadese” we replied.  And right away she said – “ Ho sempre sognato di andare in Canada”.

We chatted a little longer mostly about the weather in Canada compared to Trieste – the weather being a favorite topic of discussion for Canadians!

We continued along Corso Italia which has traditionally been one of the main shopping streets of Trieste. We browsed through the titles at a bookstore in Galleria Rossoni.  As I exited the bookstore a red leaf in the window of the neighbouring store caught my eye. It was a red maple leaf dotting the “I” of the word “Canadian” – the company logo.

Intrigued I went in and asked if I could take a picture. Gaia who owns this store explained to me that a couple from Milano started up the business based on their love of travel.  What a coincidence, first the salesperson telling us that she wanted to visit Canada and now  seeing “Canadian” as a logo.  I had never stopped to think about what “Canadian” might conjure up for a non-Canadian.

The merchandise and merchandising immediately evoked the feeling that Canada is a land of adventure, with majestic snow-capped mountain peaks, never-ending star filled skies, rugged lumberjacks battling the elements, little log cabins and the “Call of the Wild”!

How great that an Italian entrepreneur chose “Canadian” to represent the image that they want to evoke for their product and business.


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