Natale a Trieste

A feast for all the senses – sounds, sights, scents – Trieste knows how to celebrate Christmas!

It is November 29th and the cold bora is blowing. There is a small crowd gathered in Piazza Unita. The mayor, surrounded by a choir of children, presses the button to light up the 24 Christmas trees. A cheer goes up as the piazza suddenly pulsates with “circa” 86,000   white lights that twinkle in the wintery air. The branches of the trees sway in the wind and the lights literally feel like they are waltzing to the music of Strauss playing over the speakers. The Caffe degli Specchi is offering cioccolata calda – and we enjoy the thick hot chocolate poured from shiny brass urns.

I think, “how magical”, every time I round the corner from Piazza della Borsa and see the two rows of lit trees running literally as far as the eye can see.   On the rive end of the Piazza everyone stops for selfies trying to capture that sparkling panorama. 



Trieste at Christmas really is a feast for all the senses.    People of all ages, lots of them, and many with their dogs in tow, are all strolling, chatting, enjoying this festive passeggiata.  

There are tall Christmas trees, with their fresh pine scent, lit up in all the Piazzas.  

We stop and listen to a marching band playing Christmas tunes.  

The bancarelle (Christmas market stalls) pleasantly assault the olfactory senses –  starting with yes, the woodsy smell of chestnuts roasting  (castagne), the sweetness of sugary  and cinnamony roasted almonds,  the pungent cheeses, the spicy vin brule,  the fried onions and peppers to top the porchetta spiedini.


My favorite Christmas add- the cinque cento laden with gifts!

My new favorite spritz – a very healthy one – freshly squeezed pomegranate juice, the Venitian aperitivo Select, Prosecco and soda over ice!

Auguri di Buon Natale

e Buon Anno to all!

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