Walk to the Bus Stop

I call it my Step  Class – an outdoor gym.  According to Google maps the walk up to the bus stop is 1.4 km long, has a change of elevation of 92 metres and should take me 21 minutes to complete.  The bus stop is basically just below the arches of the railway bridge.

View towards Parco S. Giavanni

The walk takes me  through the gates and into the  Parco San Giovanni still referred to as the ex -OPP – the former Psychiatric Hospital that closed in the early 1970’s.   This is a link to a previous post about the OPP. 


Entrance to Parco S. Giovanni

 What  Google does not tell me is that  the walk starts out immediately with a series of 4 staircases – 52 stairs in all.   This has been a warmer than usual month of February and there are crocuses, violets and hellebores in bloom which certainly takes my mind off the stair climbing. 

Then I walk steadily uphill on  a tree lined avenue that leads to a double stone staircase.  On either side of the avenue are the bright yellow (Austrian yellow  as it is called here) buildings that have been restored to their original exteriors  and now house various math and geoscience faculties for the University of Trieste.  

50 steps up
Looking up to the stair case Parco S. Giovanni

Another 50 stairs and I get to admire the view of the Gulf of Trieste.  As does the Diver that sits poised at the top of that staircase. Behind the Diver is what used to be the kitchens for the OPP  – today an abandoned building. 

The Diver
View Gulf of Trieste

By now I have to say that I am a little short of breath especially if I ate a cream filled brioche with my capo in B at Patti’s Pasticceria.   So the stop to enjoy the view is much needed. A little further ahead there is another look out and I can see the neighbourhood of San Giovanni from where  I started out (near the domed building). 

San Giovanni Neighbourhood

Then uphill again towards the church and the Caffe delle fragole should I feel the need for another coffee.  No need to fear. There are two, yes two Caffe’s in Parco San Giovanni where I can stop should I be in need of a coffee break.

Church Parco San Giovanni

Then the steady climb continues through a rose garden.  In May the blooming roses are spectacular.

Through the rose arbour

While I walk up the stairs,  cars have to negotiate several hairpin turns to get the exit gate. 

Hair pin curve Parco S. Giovanni

Another set of twelve stairs and I am out of the park gates and at the bus stop. 

Gate out of Parco S. Giovanni

At the bus stop

I have to say that I am very impressed with the Trieste Transit system.  The buses I take are dependable and always on time. I pay 35 euros (about $52.00 CAN) for a monthly pass which I can use on all routes.  

And Google is correct.  It does take me about twenty minutes to get to the bus stop.  All good!

One thought on “Walk to the Bus Stop

  1. I am truly impressed with your step aerobics, with a view to boot. There is nothing like outdoor exercise! I swam twice today, once in the sea in the AM, then again in our pool after lunch. I was meant to be born by a seaside!

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