Perfect Pisces Birthday

It was a  perfect February morning with  a cloudless blue sky that blended seamlessly with the waters of the Gulf of Trieste.  

A ricotta filled pastry and  a capo in b at this historic Trieste pasticceria was a perfect start to the day.    

La Bomboniera
Pasticceria La Bomboniera

Then a walk in the crisp sea air lungo mare.  

This is also carnevale week-end and these stand-up pirates were attired for the occasion.

Stand-up paddlers – pirates?

Lunch was  traditional Triestine fish  with flair. The antipasto was an involtini -a  great balance of a sweet grilled shrimp enveloped in a contrasting slightly bitter grilled eggplant sauteed  with a little dijon mustard and served on matavun (mache).

Il primo was pappardelle served with a seafood ragu – the blend of flavors of that ragu is still vivid in my memory.   

Papardelle with seafood ragu

Il secondo was – ombrina a delicate white fish baked in a small clay bowl with crispy potato rounds and artichoke topped with a cherry tomato. All paired with the sparkling glera wine from the Carso.  Impeccable service and a sumptuous meal in bella, bella compagnia. It does not get better than that. 

With carnevale there were lots and lots of people out and about. 

Carnevale a Trieste

A spectacular red sunset to end the day.

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